EURASIA 2014 Waste Management Symposium  (28-29-30 April 2014)


The Environmental Engineering Department of Yildiz Technical University (YTU) is proud to announce the second EurAsia Waste Management Symposium which will be held in YTU 2010 European Capital of Culture Congress & Cultural Center between 28 and 30 April 2014.


EurAsia Waste Management Symposium will provide a comprehensive overview of effective waste management strategies across the Asian and the European regions. Also, the symposium will provide the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the current and future regional waste management strategies and recycling projects. All parties of waste management such as universities, industrial organizations, public institutions and organizations, local governments and legislators are welcome to attend to the symposium in order to share their experiences and to bring a common body of knowledge for the solution of the waste management problems in the region.


The symposium will be organized by Yildiz Technical University (YTU) and ISTAC Inc. and supported by the Ministry of Water Affairs and Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Urban Management, International Waste Working Group (IWWG), Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI). The topics of the symposium will include almost all areas of waste management including legislation, collection, transport, treatment, recycle and reuse options for municipal, hazardous, medical, and other waste types. The Symposium will include oral presentations, poster sessions, and specialized sessions. We hope EurAsia Waste Management Symposium will be an exciting event for colleagues to promote exchanges to contribute to development of solid waste management in the heart of the Asia and Europe.


We would like to invite you to EurAsia Waste Management Symposium-2014 at YTU Congress Center, Istanbul, at the meeting point of continents, cultures, arts, history and science.